At Athletic Revolution Mundelein, we approach nutrition from a simple habit based approach. We know meal plans, carb cycling, nutrient timing, paleo, and all the other programs/ideas can all be successful in their own right, but they all need a simpler way of being introduced into your lifestyle. That’s were our habit based nutrition coaching comes into play.

Have you ever started a diet, full of energy and thinking, this is finally going to be the time. You prep all the food on Sunday, buy a ton of containers, buy books, almond milk, avocados, tons of foods for salads, and about a week later your bored of it and your off your diet already? I think we all have had these great intentions and have seen them blow up in our face. The main reason is not that you don’t have the will power, you just made too many changes at once.

As certified Precision Nutrition coaches, we believe that focusing on less at a time will help you stay more focused and make habitual type changes over a period of time. Regardless of where you are in your nutritional journey we will start from the basics and work our way up. A habit can take anywhere from 14 days to 166 days to be ingrained so some habits will go by quickly, others we will continue to work on and ingrain into our lifestyle. Once you conquer a habit you don’t forget about it and move on, we add a new habit on top of that one and build a well-rounded nutritional lifestyle. We are banking on the fact that once a habit sticks your mind and body will be more on autopilot and it is now just something you do instead of something you have to force yourself to do.

Examples of habits:

  • Eat 5 servings of vegetables every day
  • Eat lean protein at each meal
  • Take 20 minutes to consume your meal



  • Client will be given a success coach that best fits nutritional needs
  • Monthly in person meetings to go over nutritional goals (up to an hour)
  • Bi-monthly check-up emails to make sure everything is going well and see if the current habit needs adjusting or a new one needs implemented
  • Measurements- girth, weight, and body fat %
  • We stick to this one habit over the time frame we agree to.
    • One habit at a time is 90% successful, more than one at time you a 35% successful
    • As a client progresses through the program, the habits become more individual in nature and fit the clients biggest glaring needs at the time.


  • Clients on one year agreements with us get this as a FREE bonus to their training.
  • Clients on shorter terms or non-clients please contact for pricing options.
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